Hello all! My name is James!

Welcome to my blog – Zombie Arcades! I’m excited you have stopped by. I think you’ll love what I’m writing about….go ahead and look around to get a feel for who I am and what I’m writing about…

I guess I should probably give you a bit of history about myself.. I was born, raised by both parents. have a few siblings and I am the biggest gaming nerd you’ve ever met. Yes ever…

I’m not married – I’m too young only just turned 22, still loving the single life I guess and the freedom to play my Zombie Arcade Machine at any given moment.

I did go to college – graduated with a Bachelors degree…. So when I’m not at my day job, I’m gaming, and hanging with my friends.

The majority of what I will be writing about here on Zombie Arcades, is about my gaming life! Yep that’s what you’ll get when you stop by here!!!

What Next

I would love to connect with other gamers anywhere and everywhere you are….If you’re a gamer, and want to chat about gaming, go ahead and click here to go to my contact page.