Zombie Arcades Machine


I was excited today when I got up.  Today is the day I got to beta test the new Zombie Arcade Machine.  What is the Zombie Arcade Machine you ask?  This is the ultimate man cave addition that has been billed as a toy for the rich with a price tag of $4,400.  Luckily, I’m just a lowly gaming nerd who got lucky and was given the chance to review this new gaming machine with the classic look from the 80s.   It looks and plays like a classic stand up video game from the 80s.  So, what makes it special?  The Zombie Arcade Machine has a library of 300 classic video games pre-installed and is set up for 2 players-head-to-head action.  If you’re a classic gaming enthusiast or a bar owner and you have $4,400 in spare change floating around, the Zombie Arcade Machine is a must have addition to your man cave or pub game room.

I couldn’t keep it under wraps.  I had to brag to my other gaming buddies that the Zombie Arcade Machine was indeed unboxed, plugged in, and ready for action…in my house!  Stack the pint glasses on the kegerator, set up some munchies, and let’s have a classic gaming party!  We set up tournaments and played the Zombie Arcade Machine for hours.  A few beers and snacks turned into full-on pizza party delivery and multiple beer runs.  It went from 6 of my closest gaming buddies to 16 of us completing for top bragging rights as the champ of our favorite classic games.  The Zombie Arcade Machine is a great catalyst for putting together a networking event for a bunch of nerdy gamers.

The pros.  Having 300 classic games at your fingertips is a pretty stout way to pimp an arcade machine.  It certainly kept 16 people at full attention and everyone was hyped as they waited for their turn to conquer a different classic video game each time their turn came up.  Thanks to the Zombie Arcade Machine, we hosted a successful gaming party.  We only got to touch a small portion of the games available on the machine, so I can see my house being the go to place as the new football season kicks off.  Having the Zombie Arcade Machine in your home certainly rises you to pimp status within your innermost circle of friends.

The cons.  If you are a true old school gamer and you actually played these games on their original dedicated machines, there will be a certain level of unexpected frustration with the Zombie Arcade Machine.  For some of the games, the joystick and button configuration will differ greatly from the original configuration, so some of your favorite maneuvers are difficult to pull off or don’t flow as smoothly from the control aspect.  I found this to be the case with the older more basic games (i.e. games with the standard 1 joystick and 1 action button configuration).  I’m sure after spending hours playing your favorite games you will eventually adjust and remaster your favorite classic games once again, but it does lose a piece of the original feel when you factor this in.

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